15 Things I’ve Learned While Playing Breath of the Wild

Can you believe it? The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for a hair over 2 years now. I remember starting up my first adventure the day it came out and being completely bowled over by the incredible graphics, lifelike scenery, and thoughtful game design.

I’ve since beaten the game twice – once on regular mode and once on Master Mode… which was definitely challenging, at least at first. I’m currently working on my third play-through; it’s on regular mode, but this time things are a little different. I have my map and Shrine sensor off, and I’m trying my very hardest not to warp to places, making it a true on-foot adventure.

During my travels and adventures, I’ve learned a handful of fun things:

Korok and the rock - a love story, maybe

And there’s 900 of ’em. The crazy thing is they can be hiding anywhere – under a rock, racing through the grass, hanging out on top of steeples, under piles of leaves, within magnesis puzzles, you name it.

Also, there is nothing I love more than dropping the rock they were hiding under on their silly little heads and hearing them go, “Ungh!”

Spinning = Winning
I don’t know why I didn’t just figure this out before, but one really efficient way of kicking enemies’ butts is taking a two-handed weapon and just SPINNING IT AROUND till they kick the bucket. I’ve spun a Royal Claymore on a sleeping Hinox so much that by the time it gets up to take me on, it’s dead.

Revali’s Gale is More Useful Than One Might Think
Love him or hate him, the ever-snarky Revali imparts Link with a really handy ability once you complete Vah Medoh – Revali’s Gale. I’ve seen gamers gripe about it a lot, though. Sure, it’s not as life-saving as Mipha’s Grace or Daruk’s Protection, but it definitely has its uses. Especially if you’re like me and you love exploring. Or chasing star fragments. Or escaping from enemies. Or, you know, unlocking Ridgeland Tower. Hey, it’s a great way to avoid all those jerk Wizzros and Lizalfos who electrify the crap out of you should they see you! 😉

sweet dog from Breath of the Wild

It’s Definitely Worth it to Befriend Dogs
The dogs in Breath of the Wild are the cutest little things in the universe. I love running in circles in front of them JUST to see that little poof of hearts appear around them, and I’ve always loved feeding them food. Recently, I found out that if you feed one of these sweet doggos meat three times, he will take you to some buried treasure near the stable. I’ve found weapons, gems, and even star fragments in these bad boys! Thanks, doggies! I still wish so badly that I could pet you, though! >_<

Cooking Made Me Want to Experiment in My Own Kitchen
Fried egg and rice. Meat stuffed pumpkins. Creamy heart soup. Seeing Link toss all the ingredients in a pot and hum (adorably) as he waits for his food to finish cooking made me want to try making my own fun concoctions.

…I mean, I haven’t yet, but it makes me WANT to! I just wish I were good at cooking. ^^;

lynel mask

Monster Masks are Hilarious
Whenever you find Fang & Bone’s Kilton, you can purchase odd goods from him, including a few monster masks! These masks can help you blend in with Bokoblins, Moblins, Lizalfos, and even Lynels (for a VERY brief amount of time – they be smart, yo). It’s so much fun wandering into a camp dressed with these masks and watching the confounded yet curious enemies watch and follow you, heehee. ^_^

Feed Your Horse an Endura Carrot – Trust Me
I occasionally feed my horses an apple, just because (I mean, I’m never short on apples anyway). One time, though, I fed my trusty steed, ChizuKeki, an Endura Carrot. I was surprised to see extra temporary dash charges pop up when I went riding! Very handy if you’re trying to escape something scary… like a Lynel or two. The dashes do go away after you board your horse, though, so be aware!

Even Link’s into Selfies
I mostly ignore the camera feature, to be honest, but once when I was taking a photo of mountain crows, I discovered that you could take selfies. Oh, and you can pose certain ways, too, which is always a hoot. Just last night, my sand seal accidentally ran into the side of a mountain and got those little stars around his head. While I felt bad for the poor thing, I did wind up taking a dorky selfie by it just before it took off into the desert.

Kass from Breath of the Wild

Kass is Simply Wonderful
Who doesn’t love Kass, seriously? He’s such a big, calming, lovable birb, always playing that accordion of his. He always seems pleased to see you and is more than willing to play a song that his late teacher taught him. Can we get a Kass plushie, Nintendo? ❤

The Horse God is a Life-Saver (Literally)
Let me spin you a little yarn, dear readers. In my first play-through, I had a beautiful all-black steed named Joshua. He was my all-time favorite traveling buddy. Unfortunately, one day, I unwittingly approached a bridge in Central Hyrule that was littered with baddies equipped with bomb arrows. It was too late to stop or turn around; they shot at me, caused me to fall off my horse, and sent him tumbling down to the ground below. I automatically jumped down after Joshua and freaked out when I saw him lying motionless on the ground until he evaporated.

I know it’s just a game, but I was so upset over losing my favorite horse. Fortunately, I had just discovered the Horse God just east of Highland Stable, so I paid him a visit. He revived my Joshua, who came back all happy and brand-new! SO YEAH, hooray for the Horse God! Even if he is a little creepy, heh. ^^;

Shield Surfing is Growing on Me
I’ll admit it, I wasn’t big into shield surfing at first. I honestly just enjoy gliding my way down a hill or mountain. Now that I’m on my third play-through, though, I really have come to enjoy jumping on my shield and coasting down the hills of Hyrule. It’s also handy if you’re trying to escape a persistent baddy (looking at you, Lizalfos)!

Oaki the Korok

That Little Korok, Oaki, Is Pretty Much Me
Journey into the Korok Forest, and you’ll get to finish a few trials, including The Lost Pilgrimage. Tasho will tell you that his buddy, Oaki, wants to head to the shrine by himself, but Tasho is concerned and asks that you follow him without being seen. Easier said than done. I’ve failed it soooo many times before getting it right.

But even still, that dorky little Korok is pretty much me. Putting on a brave face, getting freaked out (“AAAAHHH, A GHOST!!”), getting distracted (“OOOH! Pretty flowers!”), and shouting out encouraging things like “EVERYTHING IS A-OK!” ^_^

Zelda References are Ever-Abundant
Take a closer peek at the map and you’ll notice that certain regions, rivers, lakes, and more are often named after previous Zelda characters. Even the Divine Beasts have names derived from previous sages (Ruta = Ruto, Naboris = Nabooru, Medoh = Medli, Rudania = Darunia). As you travel, you may even pick up certain musical numbers that are included in the score, which is a sweet nod to older Zelda games.

Prince Sidon is a Lovable, Dorky Pick-Me-Up
If you ever feel a bit low on self-esteem, do yourself a favor and go find Prince Sidon of the Zoras. He has the utmost faith in Link to complete the task at hand, always encouraging him with that toothy grin of his. No wonder everyone seems to love this guy. ^_^

Image result for sheikah tower gif

I Will Never Tire of Activating Sheikah Towers
I know you can only activate so many towers in a game, but every time I start a new file, I always get a rush when I see a tower, climb up it, and “awaken” it. I also have this dorky habit of raising my arms and clapping my hands together in time with the Sheikah Tower whenever the map is registered. Sad but true. ^^;

What are your favorite parts of Breath of the Wild? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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