The Yiga Clan: It’s a Tolerate/Hate Relationship

You know what they say, guys – all good things must come to an end. I muttered this age-old adage last night as I trudged toward my least favorite task in Breath of the Wild: taking on the Yiga Clan.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not scared of the Yiga Clan or anything. They’re not even difficult to defeat. It’s just… I get so annoyed when they keep popping up everywhere. All I want to do is just have a nice, peaceful stroll through the verdant forests and plains of Hyrule, but nooooooooooo, the Yiga Clan has to ruin it with their whole “I-wanna-kill-you” mission. v_v

Anyway, as I ended my quest for seeking out all 120 shrines in this re-play of Breath of the Wild, I headed toward the clan’s hideout last night and started thinking about it all. The Yiga Clan sure are annoying, but… they’re kind of okay in a way, I guess. In fact, I can sort of relate to them! Here’s why:

They Really Enjoy Bananas
If the Yiga Clan is passionate about anything aside from killing Link and everyone who opposes Ganon, it’s bananas. It’s the only thing that breaks their whole line of concentration. It thrills me every time I see a large, intimidating Yiga Clan member gleefully tiptoe toward a bunch of bananas. And I mean, I get it – bananas are pretty darn delish, especially when atop peanut butter toast or in a bowl of your favorite cereal. I can respect that. Although now that I’m thinking about it, I have to wonder who loves bananas more – Donkey Kong or the members of the Yiga Clan? Maybe the Yiga are the ones who stole DK’s bananas, not King K. Rool…

I digress. ^^;

Their Snark Game is Strong
Persistent buggers that they are, the Yiga Clan at least has some personality to them. From members disguised as travelers along the roads of Hyrule to Master Kohga himself, you get to enjoy some, well, interesting dialogue. The infamous banana-selling Yiga Clan member will duel you to the death in the name of the banana, erm, boss, should you speak to him, even if you do buy all 99 bananas from him. Master Kohga’s excitement in seeing Link in his lair overtakes any formality and decorum a sneaky ninja should possess, especially as he unleashes the secret technique from his father’s mother’s father… which backfires horribly, as we all know. Clumsy and scatterbrained as they might be, they at least get a chuckle out of me whenever I talk to them.

They’re Super Persistent
Sometimes when you get fed up with a goal you just can’t reach, you might be tempted to throw in the towel. Not these guys, though. They’re the picture of perseverance when it comes to slaying the Hero…and eating bananas. In a way, you can admire them for their obstinacy, even if they’re annoying as all get-out (Who else has had Yiga Clan members appear out of nowhere when fighting a Lynel? NO ONE? Just me? Okay. v_v).

All in all, I’m glad I pulled off that band-aid and took down the Yiga Clan. I was able to beat Vah Naboris, find the last of the shrines, and begin the Champions’ Ballad. But I’m not looking forward to fighting these dudes in the wild. *_* OH, WELL.

What do you think of the Yiga Clan? Let me know in the comments! ^_^


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