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Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?

(Eat your heart out, Bono.)

There are undoubtedly several features to love about Breath of the Wild. One of my favorites is the fact that you can find, tame, and befriend a variety of wild horses in this game. They come in different colors, patterns, temperaments, and in some cases, different sizes (looking at you, giant black horse in the desert). If you really want to know what to look for in a horse, you can always check out this handy guide to help you find your perfect steed(s). Or you could be like me and go, “I LIKE THAT ONE IT IS PRETTY AND BLUE!” and just give zero hecks about anything else.

What I Search for in a Horse

It’s going to sound really silly, probably, but I am not completely about finding the strongest or fastest horse. I mean, sure, I prefer horses with 3 or more spurs of stamina and a bit of strength, but that’s not what it’s all about for me.

It usually comes down to color!

I really, really, really like blue and black horses. And by really, really, really, I mean 80% of my roster is one of those two colors. The only exception is the fabled white horse. Also, I almost always try to snag solid colored blue or black horses. There have only been two who have not fallen into this category: my pink and white horse ChizuKêki and my black and white spotted horse Oreo-kun. They were too cute to pass up. 🙂

Favorite Steeds of All Time

Since I technically have 3 full files of BotW (yep, I finished my 3rd play-through last week!), I have 15 horses. Here are some of my favorites:


My all-black steed in my 3rd play-through. Trusty, strong, and a bit stubborn, he’s my adventuring buddy who sees me through all the tough times. I will take him out if I feel like gallivanting around Hyrule or if I’m on a mission – basically, just about anytime. RavenWolf accidentally died once when a Guardian shot him, but fortunately, I revived him thanks to the Horse God. He is probably my favorite horse EVER.


He’s the fabled white horse I mentioned earlier. While I named the white horse Sesshomaru and gave him a purple mane in my first file, I kept naming this steed Nicholas in my second and third files. I’m a big fan of Walk The Moon, whose frontman is Nicholas Petricca. He is a ball full of sunshine, that dude. So I made this horse a reflection of him with a white Mohawk and dash off into the sunset to battle some baddies with him by my side!


I found this little pink and white lady in the Akkala region near the Ritaag Zumo shrine. At the time, she was unhappily taking a jerk Bokoblin around near the shoreline as he tried firing his stupid arrows at me. After I slew the beast, I took her into my care. Named after a delicious dessert (it’s the Japanese word for “cheesecake”), ChizuKêki’s gentle and curious nature tends to get her into trouble. She tends to crash into things more often than the others or land me right in the middle of a dangerous situation (liiiiiiike RIGHT in front of a Lynel). Then I start shouting my famous line among my friends: “CHIZUKÊKI, NOOOOOOOO!” Every. Dang. Time.


So I’m a big Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, and of course, my favorite character is Ryou Bakura (the good one). I have a tendency of searching for an all-black horse with a white mane and naming it after him. My current Ryou has long white hair that covers up his shy eyes. He was actually the first one I tamed and the steed who helped me defeat Ganon in my latest play-through!


My favorite blue steed is definitely Stephen. He’s all blue, including his mane, which drapes beautifully across his face. A wild horse by nature, Stephen enjoys snacking on apples and Endura carrots, speed-racing in Central Hyrule, and getting his hooves wet in Hateno Beach!

Your Mom

Yes, I’m real mature. When I first found the descendant of Ganon’s horse in the wild, I took her to Highland Stable and affectionately named her Your Mom. Not much else to say there. ^^;

My only complaint here: I really, REALLY wish you could have more than 5 horses. Why not 10? IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!

So what about you? What do you look for in a horse in Breath of the Wild? Tell me about it or about your favorite horse(s). I’d love to hear from you! ^_^


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