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I Just Realized I’ve Been Yelling at the Sage of Light to Shut Up

We all have to deal with our fair share of annoying characters in video games. Sometimes their intentions in guiding you are noble – like Navi – but their incessant cries of “HEY, LISTEN!” and hand-holding tendencies tend to grate on our nerves. Or maybe they’re simply useless characters that tag along with you only to hold you back in battle (looking at you, Pokey, assistant to the greatest evil in EarthBound).

Or they could be a wise old creature that perches atop twisting branches, patiently waiting for you to step unwittingly into his clutches, just so he can subject you to an overabundance of information you may or may not find helpful.

Introducing Kaepora Gaebora, the oft-dreaded owl that continues to check in on Link as he progresses through his quest.

If you’ve played Zelda, you know “whooo” this owl is (and you may be groaning inwardly even thinking about him). Amongst enthusiastic exclamations of HOO HOO HOO!, the owl peers down at you, almost judging you with stoic eyes hidden in bushy cheeks, his head turning in nearly impossible angles. He imparts hints and bits of knowledge to help you along the way.

The only problem is he just. Won’t. Shut. Up.

And that frustration is compounded further when you try skipping through the monologue and accidentally hit “No” when he asks, “Did you get all that?” or tricks you into saying “Yes” when he inquires, “Do you want to hear what I said again?”

Sheer. Annoyance.

Well, I just realized as I was on my latest Ocarina of Time run that the owl isn’t just an owl. He’s the doggone Sage of Light.

I stumbled upon this discovery when I started really questioning who Rauru really is. Sure, he looks like the battle-worn counterpart to Old Saint Nick with his bulky frame and his wicked-looking snow-white facial hair – but who is he and what makes him tick?

I can’t quite pinpoint what might grind his gears – save that of Ganon wreaking havoc on Hyrule, I suppose – but I do know that he is the one responsible for building the Temple of Time in order to safely store the Triforce from evil. Now he chills out in the Temple of Light – whether corporeally or spiritually – waiting for the Chosen One to snuff out the darkness once more.

According to the Gossip Stone in the Sacred Forest Meadow, this owl is rumored to be the “reincarnation of an ancient sage.” Additionally, Hyrule Historia states, “Before Link drew the Master Sword, Rauru took on the form of an unusual bird named Kaepora Gaebora, watching over the boy as he progressed in his adventures.”

And I… I just don’t know how to feel about it, guys. Why didn’t I see it before in his owlish countenance, which looks like another face is staring back down into the depths of my adolescent soul? How could I not discern his sagely demeanor when he whisked me from the top of Death Mountain to some random person’s house (which held an ever-sought Piece of Heart and somehow a cow [who even keeps a cow inside their house?])?

And I can’t believe I kept yelling at this wise, sagely being to stop talking, over and over again. I cannot fathom that I groaned and lolled my head backward in annoyance in seeing him waiting for me expectantly outside the Lost Woods.

…You know, actually, I take it all back. Regardless of his status as the Sage of Light (and his really cool song, the Prelude of Light – it is his, isn’t it? Technically?), he’s still incredibly annoying. And frustrating. Don’t forget vexing – and all remaining synonyms!

Did you guys know this bit of trivia? Or am I the only foolish fool who’s late to the party? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “I Just Realized I’ve Been Yelling at the Sage of Light to Shut Up

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  1. I had actually stumbled upon this bit of info a while back! There is a striking resemblance when he flips his head upside down: his owl tufts become the mustache! lol I enjoyed hearing your experience though!! Thanks for the shout-out too! 🙂

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