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10 Things That Creep Me the Heck Out in the Zelda Series

Hey, everyone! With Halloween around the corner, I’ve got spooky things on the brain. Well, okay, I’ve honestly had spooky things on my mind all month long! What better time to take a look at some of the creepy, hair-raising baddies (and other scary things!) in our beloved Zelda series. Here are just a few that creep me out, in no particular order!


These eight-legged jerks make me jump whenever they descend from the ceiling or just, you know, EXIST. Sure, the ones in Ocarina of Time are pretty creepy and annoying (Shadow Temple, anyone?), but the buggers in Twilight Princess reeeeeeally freak me out.

Long ago when I lived in a tiny little housepartment all by my lonesome in the middle of a goshdarn cornfield, I would frequently play Twilight Princess. At the time I was IMing a friend (who would become my husband a few years later, actually) as I was traversing through the Forest Temple when I slid down and encountered not one but THREE Skulltula! I let out the 2nd most primal scream that has ever escaped my lungs and told my future husband what happened. And he LAUGHED AT ME! Needless to say, whenever I’m playing through the Forest Temple, he likes to reminisce on that fun time, haha.

The moral of this story is that Skulltula are scary. Don’t find them. They will rear up in morbid excitement before they attack you and it’s just very… CREEPY. *shudders* Ugh.

The Silent Trials

I’m ready to divulge a dark secret to you guys, so please don’t judge me too harshly. …I’ve never finished Skyward Sword. THERE, I SAID IT. I don’t remember a ton from that game since I first played it, but I do remember the nerve-wracking Silent Realm. At first glance, I wondered why everyone was freaking out so badly about that place. But the first time I accidentally touched water or didn’t pick up a doggone sacred tear within 90 seconds, I knew why. Those slumbering guardians would wake up, turn on the scary music to full blast, and HUNT. YOU. DOWN. I panicked every time I would run from them in desperate search of another tear or the exit – and I have failed these trials so many times.

No, thanks!

Death Sword

Back to Twilight Princess we go – this time to the Arbiter’s Grounds. Littered with Poes, sand, and super annoying teeny tiny bugs, this temple gave me the heebie-jeebies (yet I love it). But holy dang… when it’s time to fight the mid-boss, I’ve gotta turn on the lights and shrink back a bit from the TV, even if I’m 10 feet away from it. I don’t know why Link thinks it’s such a great idea to cut through the piles of rope and ofuda binding the massive sword of doom. Well… I guess because what else is there to do in a locked room in the middle of a vast desert aside from trying to get out? I think what scares me the most about Death Sword, aside from his hellish, skeletal figure, is that you can only see him half the time. Nightmare fuel, you guys. Oh, and don’t even get me started on Stallord. NO WAY, MAN!


Listen – can you hear it? The haunting moaning of something thought long dead. The odiforous smell of decay dances around you as you desperately try to find where your adversary is. Then an ear-piercing shriek rings through the night and paralyzes you where you stand seconds before you’re engulfed in a suffocating death hug.

Ladies and gents, I present the Redead.

Whether you’re playing Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, or Twilight Princess (with Redead Knights! Eek!), these guys are super creepy. What’s worse than their appearance is the fact that they have no sense of personal space. Seriously, not everyone wants to be hugged, guys!

Majora and the Moon

I never got to play Majora’s Mask until a few years ago, so the whole creep factor isn’t as amplified for me as, say, Ocarina of Time is. Regardless, Majora and that big ol’ moon leering over Termina freak me the heck out. First of all, what even is the true form of Majora? Where did he even come from? What are his motives? Whatever they are, the mask is frightening, especially since it can change someone’s heart so quickly whenever it’s worn.

As for the moon, wouldn’t you be creeped out if you saw a malevolent looking solar rock staring back at you in the sky?

Zant’s Hands

Zant himself is pretty scary, but his hands are what really make me shudder in the night. Whenever you snag the Sols to help restore the Twili, these disembodied hands chase you. Many a time, I have reluctantly ventured into these mini-dungeons to retrieve the Sols, only to frantically run from the stupid hands. It’s not even like it’s terrible when they catch up to you – they just grab the Sol and slowly take it back. But it’s still unnerving!

The Shadow Temple and Kakariko’s Well

The first time I ever played the Shadow Temple was on a Friday night. I was barely a teenager, my mom was gone for the evening, my dad was way on the other side of the house, and it was storming like crazy outside. Every thunderclap outside and every baddie inside made me jump and tremble. The bloodstains on the wall, the creepy messaging found throughout the temple, and the obvious torture chambers filled with floor masters kept me up that night. Not to mention the fact that you had to face Dead Hand (both in the well and the Shadow Temple) and the nightmare known as Bongo Bongo… *shudders!* Who came up with this stuff?!


The skittering above your head, the shadow appearing at your feet… that’s right, it’s a wallmaster. When I stepped into the Forest Temple for the first time, I had no idea what a wallmaster was… so I got caught and was taken outside the temple. Needless to say, the darn things scared me witless. I love the Forest Temple, but wallmasters always give me the old shivers down the spine. Yuck.

Dark Link

If this didn’t unnerve you, then I don’t know if we can be friends. Dark Link’s piercing red eyes, sinister voice, and ability to appear right behind you after you manage to land a blow make this baddie both formidable and spooky. Get behind me, Satan!

The Blood Moon

I don’t know what it is… but the blood moon in Breath of the Wild unsettles the heck out of me. I really think for me it’s the music that gets me. Every time it happens, I first groan thinking about all the Guardians and Lynels that will come back to life. And then I shiver as the red flecks of blood fly around me in the sky and the piano and percussion crescendo before an eerie freeze frame.

There are definitely more scary characters, settings, and ideas present in the Zelda series, but these stand out most to me.

How about you? What’s the scariest or most unsettling thing to you? Let me know – I’m curious what you think!

Also, I’m sorry for being so absent. Inktober is ruining my life, haha! And I’m one dungeon away from beating Link’s Awakening. I’ll write about it soon, promise! 🙂


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