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6 Zelda-Based Lessons That Are Getting Me Through the Pandemic

Hello, lovely Zelda fans! It’s been a bit, huh?

As we all know, the world changed last year when COVID-19 hit the scene. Needless to say (but I guess I’m saying it anyway), times have been more than challenging for people worldwide. I could probably go down a couple of different rabbit holes with this one, but I’d like to focus on some positive life lessons we’ve probably learned along the way since the pandemic hit in 2020. Here are 6 life lessons I’ve gleaned from Breath of the Wild that we can apply to our current way of living (and post-pandemic life, too!):

Stock Up on Plenty of Food

Think back to your first play-through of Breath of the Wild. You probably hunted around the forest on the Great Plateau and surrounding areas to forage apples, mushrooms, fresh meat, and birds’ eggs before you ran off to far-flung lands infested with Lizalfos, Taluses, and *gulp* Lynels. We all learned early on that having plenty of food and creating loads of healthy meals was the recipe to success (I know, cheesy pun. :P). In the same light, it’s always a smart idea to have plenty of food – nonperishable and fresh alike – in case you get sick, need to quarantine, have an unseen emergency, or are hit with bad weather. I’m definitely not endorsing hoarding (it’s totally not cool), but you’re wise if you’ve prepared.

Pets Really Are Great

Those adorable doggos in Breath of the Wild? Yep, they put a big fat smile on my face every time I see ‘em (If only we could actually, you know, PET THEM!). They’re not only cute and good for the soul, but they’re also useful, too. Feed them enough and they’ll lead you to buried treasures near the stables. Real-life pets are amazing, too! They’re excellent companions that make adventures ten times more exciting, and they can be great cuddlebugs. ^_^ There’s a reason why so many people decided to adopt a pet early in the pandemic, you know!

I’m lucky enough to have my beagle, Midna, with me during this time. She’s a sassy little old lady that has kept me company as I’ve worked from home (yes, I’ve been very fortunate!), has kept me entertained, and has comforted me when I’ve struggled with sadness and missing my friends. If you don’t have a pet, I absolutely recommend adopting one. 🙂

Spending Time in Nature is Important

Unless he’s taking a nap in a local inn or stable, Link is preeetty much outdoors 24/7 (I hope he’s packed some sunscreen!). While he comes across baddies – and baddies respawned by the unpredictable blood moon – Link has plenty of opportunities to bond with horses and dogs, recover hearts in a soothing hot spring, and work his body by traversing through Hyrule. Stepping outside at least once each day is great for us, too. The sun provides our bodies with much-needed vitamin D, and being outside produces serotonin and dopamine, which help make us feel happy and productive. Besides, moseying and exploring new territory like our favorite hero evokes curiosity, which promotes neuroplasticity. Long story short, being outside is GOOD FOR YOU. 🙂

Self-Care is Essential, Not Selfish

Would you call Link selfish if he were to sleep or eat nutritious meals to replenish his hearts or ask a fairy to revive him after a particularly tough battle? I’d hope not! So why do we feel self-centered when we do the same for ourselves? After all, you can’t heal others if you don’t heal yourself first, and Link can’t save Hyrule if he doesn’t keep his hearts up. So take care of yourself: eat whole, nutrient-dense food, stay hydrated, get up often throughout the workday, take time to exercise, enjoy your hobbies every day, connect with your loved ones, take time to unwind, and get plenty of high-quality sleep! The world needs you!

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!

You can venture through the fields and unforgiving terrain of Hyrule alone, of course, but you wouldn’t get terribly far in your quest without the help of others. There are plenty of people who give you directions, advice, and encouragement (We all need a Sidon in our lives). In this pandemic our connection to others is vital. Even the most introverted of introverts (*raises hand tentatively*) needs their best buddies in their corner. Connecting with one another, whether it’s in a socially-distanced manner or virtually, helps us stay sane and boosts our happiness. So text your friends, play a game together through Discord, or send some snail mail their way! And don’t be afraid to ask your peeps for help when you need it – the ones who love you the most would do anything for you!

Even in Darkness, Light Prevails

When all seemed lost during the Great Calamity, the impossible happened – Zelda awakened the powers within her and disabled the flood of Guardians, just barely saving Link. He returned the favor 100 years later (maybe after some time spent gratuitously burning some fields…) and defeated Calamity Ganon, saving the Princess in spite of the odds. This whole pandemic has been tough to say the very least – and catastrophic for so many others. People have lost loved ones. Doctors, nurses, and front-line workers are beyond exhausted, fighting burnout, and swimming in a sea of discouragement. Countless people are trying to find their way through life and do the best they can. But there is light. More people are getting vaccinated, and we can slowly begin seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. We are finding ways to grow and reach out to one another through this trying time. No matter what happens, we will get through this whole experience together, and we will be stronger for it. I truly, truly believe that goodness and light will prevail in any situation.

I hope you all have been doing well and staying safe! I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately – I’ve been drawing (and reading and playing board games) a lot more when I’m not working, but I do want to get back to blogging because I really enjoy it. Thanks for sticking with me, Zelda buddies! 🙂


5 thoughts on “6 Zelda-Based Lessons That Are Getting Me Through the Pandemic

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  1. Heyyyy! Long time no see, indeed! 😀 Glad to see you back! I hope you’ve been doing well in these times and, as you said, Even in Darkness, the Light will prevail!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, friend! ^_^ I know, it’s been a while. I’m going to try to be on here more frequently. ^^; I’ve been doing fine over here, thankfully! How about you? I hope you’re doing well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad you are well! I’ve been the same, aside from the general restlessness and anxieties of 2020 rippling into this year. Keeping busy with games and writing, mostly! And TV with the wife. How about you?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yay! 🙂 I do hear you on the anxiety front. That’s been a bugger. But I’m glad you’re keeping busy and hanging in there! I’ve been reading, playing video games, doing lots of drawing, playing a ton of board games with my husband (he loooooooves gaming), and annoying our beagle. So I can’t complain! ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

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