For the Love of Kass

If you’ve played much of Breath of the Wild, you will come across one of the most amazing characters of the game: a blue macaw-looking Rito named Kass. His accordion greets you with a catchy tune as he sways gently to the melody. When you finally approach him, he will tell you that he is a wandering minstrel with a love for song.

And he is on a MISSION, people! His beloved teacher, the court poet for the Hyrulean royal family, handed down ancient, sometimes incomplete songs about various regions in Hyrule, and he needs to share them with the Hylian Champion. That’s why you’ll find him throughout all the various climates and locations in the land of Hyrule. No place is too hot, too cold, too stormy, too Guardian-y, too full of Octoroks for this cool birb, not when he has his life’s mission to complete!

Anyway, Kass is a really neat guy, at least I think so. Here’s why:

He’s Knowledgeable

If you’re unfamiliar with an area of Hyrule and you’re not sure where to turn to find a hidden shrine or some really nifty treasure nearby, be sure to keep your eyes (and ears!) peeled for Kass. He’ll give you some valuable insight, which will help you unlock the puzzles that lay across the land, all through the power of song. What more could you want?

He Has Such a Calming Demeanor

Or as you kids say these days, “v. chill.” *feels 10 years younger* There’s just something about this Rito that puts you at ease when you’re in his presence. Maybe it’s his benign expressions when you speak with him or the language he uses. Or maybe it’s just the constancy of his lovely accordion playing. Whatever it is, being around this gentle bard can make you feel calm and at peace.

He’s Always Happy to See You

Maybe it’s not to the level of the ever-enthusiastic Prince Sidon, but Kass usually seems quite happy to see you “in one piece,” as he says. That is…unless you decide to go crazy with your weapons around him, at which he looks at you disapprovingly and shouts, “Knock it off!”

grouchy kass
“Knock it off!” *judges you*

I don’t know about you, but when I saw that normally cheerful face looking quite crass, I felt bad immediately. But that could just be me!

His Accordion Centers You

Here’s the scene: you’re lost in the wilderness of Hyrule. You have been plagued by Bokoblins of all skill levels, have dodged Lizalfos like a boss, and just about got yourself killed by a Lynel. Then you hear it – an accordion playing a familiar tune in the distance. It’s like a beacon of hope that radiates within you as you race toward the sound. Even if baddies are around, you just feel safer near Kass and his calm accordion playing.

He’s a Family Birb

If you catch Kass outside the Rito Stable, he will tell you that he’s feeling homesick for his hometown of Rito Village, having left his wife and children temporarily to fulfill his task. (Aww!) Later on, should you complete all of Kass’s tasks, you can find him back home, happily playing his accordion in front of his five daughters. His wife Amali and his daughters are beyond thrilled to have him back. AND he plays a special song – just for you! If you haven’t completed this task yet, I highly suggest doing so. 🙂

Many people love Kass (I personally want Nintendo to make a plushie of him), but some players love messing with him. Check out this funny video of one player who takes Kass to meet…another Kass!

What do you think about Kass? Tell me in the comments! Until then, as the kind bard himself says, “Take care, and may the light illuminate your path.” ^_^

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