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For the Love of Kass

If you’ve played much of Breath of the Wild, you will come across one of the most amazing characters of the game: a blue macaw-looking Rito named Kass. His accordion greets you with a catchy tune as he sways gently to the melody. When you finally approach him, he will tell you that he is a wandering minstrel with a love for song.

And he is on a MISSION, people! His beloved teacher, the court poet for the Hyrulean royal family, handed down ancient, sometimes incomplete songs about various regions in Hyrule, and he needs to share them with the Hylian Champion. That’s why you’ll find him throughout all the various climates and locations in the land of Hyrule. No place is too hot, too cold, too stormy, too Guardian-y, too full of Octoroks for this cool birb, not when he has his life’s mission to complete!

Anyway, Kass is a really neat guy, at least I think so. Here’s why:

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Getting Lost in the Divine Beasts’ Melodies

So as most of you probably know, I’m finishing my third play-through of Breath of the Wild. I just need to finish the Champions’ Ballad, go destroy Calamity Ganon, and do that whole saving-the-world thing. NBD.

Lately as I’ve been making my way through this play-through, I’ve been a lot more interested in the Champions and their Divine Beasts, especially the music. I even created a playlist on YouTube with all the Divine Beasts’ tracks, which has actually turned out to be my go-to music at work.

I know a lot of players commented on BoTW’s sparse soundtrack. But the music is definitely there, and it’s crafted beautifully and cleverly, especially when it comes to the Divine Beasts.

Here are some interesting things I’ve picked up along my travels:

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The Yiga Clan: It’s a Tolerate/Hate Relationship

You know what they say, guys – all good things must come to an end. I muttered this age-old adage last night as I trudged toward my least favorite task in Breath of the Wild: taking on the Yiga Clan.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not scared of the Yiga Clan or anything. They’re not even difficult to defeat. It’s just… I get so annoyed when they keep popping up everywhere. All I want to do is just have a nice, peaceful stroll through the verdant forests and plains of Hyrule, but nooooooooooo, the Yiga Clan has to ruin it with their whole “I-wanna-kill-you” mission. v_v

Anyway, as I ended my quest for seeking out all 120 shrines in this re-play of Breath of the Wild, I headed toward the clan’s hideout last night and started thinking about it all. The Yiga Clan sure are annoying, but… they’re kind of okay in a way, I guess. In fact, I can sort of relate to them! Here’s why:

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15 Things I’ve Learned While Playing Breath of the Wild

Can you believe it? The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for a hair over 2 years now. I remember starting up my first adventure the day it came out and being completely bowled over by the incredible graphics, lifelike scenery, and thoughtful game design.

I’ve since beaten the game twice – once on regular mode and once on Master Mode… which was definitely challenging, at least at first. I’m currently working on my third play-through; it’s on regular mode, but this time things are a little different. I have my map and Shrine sensor off, and I’m trying my very hardest not to warp to places, making it a true on-foot adventure.

During my travels and adventures, I’ve learned a handful of fun things:

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Awesome Nintendo-Inspired Music to Jam To

So lately I’ve been listening to a lot of video game music. Sometimes it’s just OSTs or symphonic renditions of my favorite games. Lately, though, I’ve been working a lot to some sweet Nintendo tunes I found long ago and recently – for free!

One of my gaming buddies pointed me to Overclocked Remix (a.k.a. OC ReMix) when I was searching for fun gaming music. Since then, I haven’t been bored! You can find a slew of amazing fan-made music based off several games you know and love, all for free. I listen to these mixes frequently behind the wheel and at work to help me concentrate on writing. It’s pretty sweet hearing the tracks you grew up with remixed, whether it’s chiptune, hip hop, metal, rap, or synth.

Here are my favorite albums. Check them out and let me know which ones you like best! Continue reading “Awesome Nintendo-Inspired Music to Jam To”

Welcome to the Twilight Realm!

Hey, everyone! Just a quick hello from Twilight Wolf here. *waves enthusiastically!*

I’ll be popping by every now and again to chat about the wonderful world of The Legend of Zelda. Be sure to stop by to read some fun discussions, pro-tips, analyses, opinion pieces, replays, and other nifty topics!

I hope you enjoy what you read here. Have a great day and see ya soon!

(Oh, and if you can’t tell by my name, my favorite Zelda game is Twilight Princess. I love it so much that I even named my dog after the Twilight Princess herself. ^_^)

*hops and vanishes into the twilight!*

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